Make your kit investment back just by sharing about your new oils!

When you purchased your Premium Starter Kit (herein referred to as "PSK"), you officially became a wholesale member of Young Living, and an automatic "Distributor" with the potential to receive up to $600 in cash bonuses from Young Living per year (without paying a cent in taxes on your earnings). Over 90% of PSK owners remain at this bottom-level rank and never receive a single cash bonus, as there is no obligation to do so whatsoever, and that's perfectly OK! But if you're absolutely loving your oils, want to share the benefits you've noticed in the health and wellness support of your family with others, and have signed up for the monthly auto-ship Essential Rewards program, spending a minimum of 50 PV each month, you qualify for receiving cash bonuses if someone wants to sign up with Young Living! 

Let me explain!

Young Living brings you in as a Distributor with the potential to start making commissions easily (again - as long as you're signed up for ER!) upon sign up because they know how things go with their products, and what happens most often is this: your friend comes over with her kids to play, smells something wonderful, sees your diffuser with Thieves and Lavender misting away on the table in your living room, and immediately starts asking questions. Why wouldn't you want to just be able to give her a link to order her own kit right then and there, directly from her phone? And why wouldn't Young Living want her to order it directly through you and give you a little "thank you" as a result since you were the one who introduced her to it in the first place? It's awesome - like a gift that keeps on giving. 

So then what happens? Well, your friend receives her kit, and you receive a $50 Enroller Bonus, just for getting her signed up and introducing her to YL. ONLY if you are signed up for Young Living's monthly auto ship Essential Rewards program. You can do this up to about 10-12 people before you'd cross over the taxable income barrier, but hey - who doesn't love a nice little cash bonus? Especially if it's helping you to pay yourself back for your PSK!

Want to know how to find the link to share with friends? Here's how:

1. Log into your Virtual Office through
2. Click on Virtual Office in the top right corner.
3. Click on Member Resources, and then click on Link Builder.

You will want to make sure that the Sponsor ID Number is mine (12912451) so if it's not prefilled as such, enter that number there, and the Enroller ID Number completed as your number. To find your Member ID Number, simply click on Virtual Office and then click on My Account to view your number. Once those two numbers are filled in adequately, your link will be created in a copy/paste text box at the bottom. Simply save that link in your phone as the link to share with any friends or family who are interested in purchasing their very own PSK!

If you've gotten several people to sign up just from living your oily lifestyle and sharing about how much you love using them, maybe this business is for you! I can share much more about how to spread the word about promoting Essential Oils as a tool for detoxing our homes, bodies, and lifestyle with others and ranking up in Young Living! I am to the point now where my monthly EO investment is paid for by my commissions and it is awesome! I'm going to be investing in them anyway each month so why not make a little cash back to cover my expenses? It's so easy - you don't have to leave your house, spend a dime, or do anything out of the ordinary. All you have to do is share your story.  

Is this something that interests you on any level? If so, I'm excited to answer any questions you might have! Shoot me a text, call me, or send an email to! 443-791-2037