Grapefruit Ginger Shooters


In a Nutribullet (is what I used) or blender, combine on high:

- 2 cups Organic 100% pure Grapefruit Juice with no added sugars
- 1/3 cup fresh organic Lemon juice
- 1/2 cup fresh Organic pineapple slices
- 1/4 cup fresh organic Ginger root, peeled of course
- 2 tbsp raw Honey
- a pinch of Cinnamon

I then strained the juice because of the ginger shreds or hairs or whatever, and then poured it into these little cute little tiny jars I found at Target on sale. 

This is a wake up call drink if I've ever had one! Feel free to play with the ingredients. Carrot would be a nice addition, or beet juice. The pineapple and honey sweeten it up a bit but I love Grapefruit and Ginger so I'm used to that healthy burn. I especially love this in the morning!

Note: You can obviously use a juicer too, but I like to blend up the actual ginger to get more of the natural fibers and nutritional components.

Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl w/ Goodies


Let this inspire you to create a pretty little smoothie bowl for yourself! This one made me feel so good, fresh, and ready to begin my day. Play with the ingredients in your fridge!

1/3 cup Coconut Juice blend or Coconut Water
1 Banana
1/2 cup frozen Mango chunks
1/2 tbsp Coconut Butter
1/2 tbsp Coconut Oil
1 scoop Collagen Peptides from Further Food
Ashwagandha Powder
Maca Powder
Moringa Powder (which is what turns the smoothie a bit green)

Toasted Coconut Flakes, unsweetened
Granola from Purely Elizabeth
Hemp, Chia, and Flax Seeds
Bee Pollen (great for energy and immunity)
A dollop of raw honey

Concord Grape & Berry Salad



1/2 cup Blackberries, cut into halves or thirds
1/2 cup Concord Grapes, quartered w/ the seeds cut out (how-to video)
1/4 cup or so of Bulgarian Yogurt
A pinch of Cinnamon
2 tbsp Coconut Flakes, unsweetened
1/2 tbsp Walnuts
1/2 tbsp slivered Almonds
1 tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar or a drizzle of Honey
A sprinkle of Hemp Seeds


You can make this with any combination of ingredients, but the Woman Code's Menstrual Phase calls for Blackberries and Concord Grapes. Feel free to omit the sweetening elements if you'd like.


Lightly combine all ingredients with a spoon, pour into your favorite bowl, top with Hemp Seeds, and enjoy!

Blackberry Choco Protein Smoothie


- 1 cup Bulgarian Yogurt
- 1/2 cup Almond Milk
- 2 scoops Aloha's Chocolate Protein Powder
- 1 tbsp Cocoa Nibs
- 1/4 cup Blackberries
- 1/4 cup Blueberries
- 2 pitted Dates for sweetness
- 1 tbsp Walnuts
- 1 tbsp toasted Almonds
- 1/2 tsp Chia Seeds
- Drizzle of Date Nectar or Honey

Blend all ingredients except for the last 4 in a Nutribullet or Blender. Pour into glass and top with the nuts, seeds, and drizzle of sweetness!


You can add ice cubes if you want, but I like mine room temperature, especially in the morning because it's easier to digest. I also add adaptogens, so if you use those powders, feel free to add some into your smoothie!