Concord Grape & Berry Salad



1/2 cup Blackberries, cut into halves or thirds
1/2 cup Concord Grapes, quartered w/ the seeds cut out (how-to video)
1/4 cup or so of Bulgarian Yogurt
A pinch of Cinnamon
2 tbsp Coconut Flakes, unsweetened
1/2 tbsp Walnuts
1/2 tbsp slivered Almonds
1 tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar or a drizzle of Honey
A sprinkle of Hemp Seeds


You can make this with any combination of ingredients, but the Woman Code's Menstrual Phase calls for Blackberries and Concord Grapes. Feel free to omit the sweetening elements if you'd like.


Lightly combine all ingredients with a spoon, pour into your favorite bowl, top with Hemp Seeds, and enjoy!