- Choose the LEFT "Member" option in teal with the orange 25% savings sticker. My Sponsor and Enroller ID numbers will be automatically completed. Click "Continue". Make sure the number “15865072” is in both the Sponsor and Enroller ID boxes.

- A box will appear "Introducing your Sponsor and Enroller". which is me. Just click "Continue". It may say “Tyler Smith” who is my husband, so that’s fine, just continue on.

  • Step 1: CHOOSE YOUR KIT - Select the Premium Starter Kit you’d like to sign up with, depending on what Diffuser you like best. You can also select the Premium Starter Kit drop-down box and upgrade to the Aria or Rainstone Diffuser Kit, or sign up with a Savvy Minerals Makeup Kit or Thieves Cleaning Kit instead, the choice is yours!

  • Step 2: SET UP YOUR MONTHLY ORDER (Completely Optional) - This section is for those of you who are interested in signing up for our monthly auto-ship program called Essential Rewards (“ER”). This is not a requirement but it’s a wonderful way to build your collection and grow in your use and knowledge of oils! To learn more about it, click here. If you’d like to sign up, check the "Customize Your Kit" box! You'll then be able to add whatever products you'd like. I recommend anything seasonal (example: Clove, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon Bark for autumn diffusing) as well as a few personal favorites of mine like Orange, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood (which promotes a good night’s rest). Just make sure it's a minimum of $50, or 50 PV Points (see Essential Rewards for details) before clicking "Save Monthly Order". It'll take you back to your registration screen. Again - Essential Rewards signup is optional. Click "Confirm Monthly Order" to ensure you wish to register for Essential Rewards. Click "Next". 

  • STEP 3: CONTINUE ENROLLMENT - If you wish to add more products, click Add More Products, otherwise, click Next.

- Complete your personal information as you would any other order/checkout. Please don't forget to write down your username, password, and PIN as I will not have access to this.

- Under Commission Processing Information, select "Individual - No social security number required".

- Check the Terms & Conditions box, and click "Agree and Continue" to be taken to the payment page.

- Complete the payment information and checkout. Your kit will then be on it's way!


Once I receive email notification that you've purchased your Kit, I'll add you to our Facebook groups and send you a big warm welcome with everything you need to know! :)