Lavender-Infused After-Sun Skin Scrub


4 oz. Cobalt Blue or Amber Jar
Organic Lavender
Himalayan Sea Salt, finely ground
Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil
Essential Oils: Lavender*, Frankincense*, Peppermint* Tea Tree, and Roman Chamomile
Fractionated Coconut oil or Jojoba Oil, whatever carrier oil you like to use
*These oils come in the Premium Starter Kit

Note: These recipes are all interchangeable as far as what carrier oils and scrubbing agent you'd like to use. Ground flax seed, oats, sugar, etc. would all work well. And don't worry about changing up the ratios a bit - just play with it and have fun!

Lavender - soothing for on the skin after it's been sun-kissed
Peppermint - provides relief when your skin gives you the urge to scratch it
Tea Tree - wonderfully cleansing
Frankincense - helps promote the overall appearance of a "healthy glow"
Roman Chamomile - reduces the appearance of irritation


Putting your scrub into a Cobalt or Amber jar helps to protect the oils from sunlight exposure.

Sea Buckthorn Oil contains all Omegas 3, 6, and 9 which are immensely beneficial for promoting healthy skin. 

All of these Essential Oils are highly beneficial for skin support, especially after sun exposure.

Step 1: Fill your jar 75% full with your salt, and add a few tbsp of Lavender.

Step 2: Add two full droppers full of Sea Buckthorn Oil.

Step 3: Next, add your carrier oil until our mixture resembles wet sand, or until it's to the consistency you want.

Again, there's no specific recipe here. It's all to your personal preference.


Your scrub will resemble a little something like this...

Step 4: Stir to combine with a spoon.

Step 5: Next, add in 5 drops of each Essential Oil.

Remember that these oils are immensely concentrated so you only need a few drops of each.

Step 6: Stir again to combine, and label the top. Store in a cool, dry environment like your bathroom cupboard. 

To use: Rub about a tbsp gently onto your skin with your fingertips and palms in a slow circular motion. Careful not to overstimulate your skin, but massage the oils into the surface while the salt and lavender gently work to exfoliate. Rinse the salt off lightly with water but allow the oils to remain on your skin to soak in and work their magic.

This is wonderful to do anytime of day, but especially at night so that the oils can seep in while you sleep. :) Enjoy!