ABOUT kirsten

I grew up with my younger brother in a cozy cape cod my parents built on top of a hill in the countryside of northern central Maryland. Beginning in Kindergarten, I attended a small Christian school and graduated my eight grade year alongside my twenty-some classmates. I attended the local public high school from ninth grade to half of twelfth grade year - when I spent most of my time in the art room and then graduated early to start working and do my own thing. 

We were very involved with our church too. Many of the relationships I cherish most dearly to this day are with those that began within those four walls - my husband being one of them. He grew up 2.7 miles down the road from me, and we met in Sunday School when we were 7 and 8 years old. We'd remained close all the way up until we were both a couple years out of high school when we started dating and eventually married in 2010.


We had a small intimate wedding in our best friend's backyard with most of our closest friends and family and moved into our very first apartment together just over the MD/PA line. It was a one-bedroom and one-bathroom super tiny space for us and our Myah, a boxer mix pup we'd gotten together two years prior.

Prettyboy Dam, 2011

Prettyboy Dam, 2011

Those couple years in that apartment were not always easy to say the least. While it was exciting to finally be on our own together, and married, it had it's share of hardships for sure. I was working as an insurance agent full time and starting my business from scratch in the evenings. Tyler had signed up for college classes, something we'd always said he should do once we got married so I could carry the health insurance while he carried out his goal of education. He was working a part-time day job as well as traveling an hour and a half away loading trailers for UPS in the evenings. Oh and we also only had one vehicle because my civic had gone up about six months after we got married and we decided to save the money we'd spend on another car at that time. It was a blessing that my work was within a mile or so from our apartment, so I'd walk to work each day. We were both so young, working so hard, and trying to figure out what adult married life looked like for us. Getting through those couple years made us so much stronger than we thought we could ever be together, and individually. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other, and what our relationship could withstand. Turns out, we were pretty strong together. 


Two years later, we decided to move slightly farther north to a cute little end-unit townhouse with a bit more space, a second bathroom, and an upstairs. It was September 5, 2013 that I decided to quite my job and go full time with my photography business. I'll remember that day forever. It felt like God literally whispered in my ear, "it's time to go now, you're gonna be just fine..." and I literally never looked back. Tyler also continued with school while we lived there and found an amazing job working in the corporate property management field and loves it - still with the same company today. It was a cozy little place. I called it our "healing house" because it was a time in our lives and in our marriage where everything began to feel much more secure and balanced. We'd finally started to see all of our hustle paying off and were able to breathe a little. We purchased our Cherokee too, and were finally a one-car-family no longer.


While living in the townhouse, we grew by four legs. Baxter joined our family and totally completed our little family... His curious little adventurous little personality just fit right in.


Another two years following, another day I remember like it was yesterday, I sat down on the sofa and randomly decided to look at houses. One of the first few that came up in our area was this adorable pink cottage in a close-by neighborhood with everything we'd ever hoped for and dreamed of in a perfect little hobbit home we'd one day wished to buy. We called the realtor right away and had our first walk-through the very next day - absolutely in love with every single detail of every single inch. Two months later after a bunch of typical first-time-home-buying mumbo jumbo, we moved in. 


And another two years after that, we're settled and still completely in love with our sweet little cottage. We've hosted a couple holidays, had two big snow storms, and countless evenings spent on the back patio under the lights. But we went through one of the hardest times we've ever been through together this past May. We had to say goodbye to our Myah who developed acute renal failure over a very short amount of time. It's still so hard to talk about and we miss her tremendously each and every day. She would have been nine this past June 15th, the day after Bax's birthday - they were little birthday buds. But she remains with us, right by our side and in our hearts for absolutely ever.

We are just living our little life together trying to make each day count, keep our priorities straight, and love each other the best we know how... Life isn't always easy but we are so unbelievably blessed with what we've been given and thankful each and every day for every single gift. We love spending time with our families and are such major home-bodies that it's probably a problem... But it's just who we are. We love cooking, doing things around the house, going on long drives, and trying out new restaurants. No babies yet but that time might be coming soon, we'll see what God has in store. We've never been ones to want to rush that since everything changes once the little ones arrive. But we are super excited for to be parents one day. Until then, it's just the two of us and our Baxie boy... 

Hiking at Cunningham Falls State Park, August 2017

Hiking at Cunningham Falls State Park, August 2017