Three ways I’VE startED balancing MY hormones:

1. Cut out dairy, gluten, caffeine, and processed sugar.
2. Practice regular Yoga or Meditation.
3. Started taking a multi-vitamin and Omega's supplements.

This book has literally changed my life.

I've blogged about my story and you can read it if you're interested, but to make a long story short - when I was at the end of my rope, this book saved me. It gave me the hope and strength to pick myself back up, brush myself off, and try just one more thing to feel "normal" again. Once I did, I never looked at food, exercise, or even sex the same way again. I learned so many things about my body that I never knew before. It talks all about how our endocrine system is in control of our hormones, which controls our metabolism, energy, mood swings, cycle, sex drive, and more.

The author, Alisa Vitti, put her own PCOS into remission by developing a lifestyle protocol based on balancing blood sugar, eliminating what she calls "FLO blockers" from our lifestyle (chemicals, caffeine, toxins, etc.), and living in sync with our cycles with everything we do. She gives a list of foods that give our bodies the nutritional support they need for each week in our cycle. It's truly amazing, incredible and life-changing. Every woman should read it, so I encourage you to as well! Click the pic to order!

Downloads that coincide with the book:


4-day liver cleanse

food list for each cycle phase

weekly meal planning calendar

*I am not affiliated or paid by FLOLiving in any way, I just love what Alisa has done for so many women and want to share it with everyone I know!