Getting Started With Your Kit

NOTE: Always consult your doctor before using Essential Oils for any reason.



By putting a drop on your hands, cupping them around your nose and mouth, and breathing deeply, or by diffusing the oils in your home, car, or office...

The EO (essential oil) is going to smell differently when you open the cap and take a whiff than if you have it out of the bottle in a diffuser or on your skin because each molecule is made of three different types of constituents - top notes, middle notes, and base notes (just like a musical staff)! The difference between these three "notes" is in how quickly an oil rises into the air. Top notes, the sweetest of all three notes,  move the most quickly and get to your nose first. While middle notes are the fillers, the base notes are out of the bottle last, like all of the sweet yummy deliciousness that floats to the bottom of your mug of hot chocolate. To get the benefits of these notes, the best way is to inhale with a drop on your hand, cup it around your nose and mouth, and smell all three notes at once. 


Now remember not to touch the orifice reducer (the silicone piece at the bottle's top that allows the oil to drip out) because you'll leave your dead skin cells behind which will make your oils less potent over time. So drop 2-3 drops of the oil on your non-dominant hand. Flatten your hand and then take your other hand and rotate the oils clockwise. By doing this, you're spinning around the oil's molecules so they can sync right up with the shape of your DNA once you inhale them. You know how DNA is shaped like sort of a curly latter, right? Well this method will allow them to fit together and thus drive the oils into your system faster. 

And don't wash your hands after! You're wasting precious oils! You can rub the insides on your chest, insides of your ears, back of your neck, bottoms of your feet (where our pores are the largest).


You can also look online for diffuser jewelry! This jewelry has a porous element like lava stone that will hold the scent of your oils throughout the day. 


Add a few drops of oils to some filtered water, along with a small pinch of salt to adhere them together (remember, oil and water don't mix!) into a spray bottle and spritz wherever you'd like. Freshen up a room, sofa, stinky shoes, closet, car, or wherever you'd like! 

Add about 10 drops to water if using a 2oz sprayer, and about 15-20 drops for a 4oz sprayer.But these are just guidelines. Your nose will tell you if you want to use more! Just listen to it. I have a link to my favorite spray bottles at the bottom of this post! Make sure you get am Amber or Blue glass bottles to protect the oils from sun exposure. 


I keep my diffuser going just about all the time, and one in every room if I'm doing things around the house. We keep one in our bedroom, living room, dining room/kitchen (we move it in between the two), TV room, and office. I have a link to my favorite non-YL diffuser at the bottom of this post that you can check out that are less expensive but work just as wonderfully!

Not only do diffuser create a spa-like atmosphere but the method they put off scents (from the oils of course) and the scents themselves are much healthier for us than candles. I haven't burned a candle in my home in months and if I do, it's a 100% pure beeswax candle.  The health harms of candles is something you should definitely look into on your own. You'll be very surprised at what you find! Burning a candle for 1 hour produces the same affects as smoking a cigarette, according to Dr. Andrew Sledd, a pediatrician who specializes in Environmental Toxins. And soy (a hormone disruptor) candles are the worst. Get those candles out of your home!

The diffuser generates ultrasonic frequency waves at 1.7 million times per second, releasing a steady stream of essential oil molecules into your room's air. What does that mean exactly? Well diffusers work by breaking down the EOs particles into micro-molecules, and then dispersing them into the air as negative ions. Negatively charged ions will then attach themselves to harmful positively charged particles in the air & help to purify your home.

Ultrasonic diffusers work by creating ultrasonic vibrations (sound waves that vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency that our human ears cannot detect) that agitate the water, causing the separation of the water's molecules. This makes the water molecules become negatively charged, and lighter than the air, creating the visible “mist” that you see when you use a diffuser. EO's are then released into the air with these negative ions, working to purify the air thanks to their antibacterial properties. The negative ions bond with the air's positively-charged free radicals, cleaning the air of your space while also adding a small amount of moisture along with the fresh scent of whichever Essential Oil you’ve chosen to diffuse.

Diffuse all day long! Why not? It's good for you and your home! Your body will tell you what to mix. Listen to it! Some days I am craving citrus, others I just can't stop thinking about Peppermint. Then I'll wake up feeling a little anxious and fill my diffuser with Patchouli, Lavender, and Juniper, my favorite calming combo. Don't be scared to try different combinations. Add as little or as many drops as you'd like. I average about 3-5 drops per oil I'm using, per diffusing session. Try new oils and have fun with it! And if you find that you don't like what you've started diffusing, don't dump the oils, you'd be wasting them - simply add some peppermint in. That will most likely cut the scent of what you don't like, and just finish out the diffuse and start again.


Applying directly to your skin with or without a carrier oil (remember always use a carrier oil with children under 6 or when using an oil on your skin for the first time)...

Apply these to your skin! Learning comes with experimentation with them. There are uses for these oils in relation to your bodies all over the internet. Make sure you choose creditable sources (text me if you have any questions about what you find!) and just keep searching. Think about what your family may struggle with, and search for an oil that may give you support during those symptoms. During allergy season, Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon are the "magical spring trio" to diffuse and put in a roller to topically apply all season. At night when my legs feel awake but my body is not, I like to apply Cypress to them. And to help my skin appear clean and clear (along with a healthy diet to support glowing skin), I use Frankincense, Geranium, and Lavender each morning and night, whipped up with some shea butter and organic Sea Buckthorn oil (from as a deep moisturizer. I love to use the Abundant Health app, a reference guide for oils. You can find so much information on what to do with you oils in regards to your skin and how to apply it - all you need to do is look! 

Don't forget to use a carrier oil (Jojoba "ho-ho-ba" oil, almond, or fractionated coconut oil) with a few drops of oils on children or sensitive skin. Once you know the oil is OK and won't cause any redness or irritation, you can try using it on it's own. But carrier oils help to stretch your oils and dilute them a bit.  If your skin does turn red when applying, it just means that the oils are working, usually signifying that toxins are being removed from the skin. Their properties will still be just as strong. There are some "hot" oils that may burn a little like cinnamon and peppermint so make sure to use a carrier when applying these directly to your skin. 

Start with applying the oils to your feet. This is where our largest pores are so the oils will be absorbed more quickly. The back of your neck is also a great location, as well as your wrists. Look into vita-flex points of the nerve endings on the feet and reflexology hand and foot charts. Pinterest is dripping with this information so check it out when looking for a spot to apply your oils! You can't go wrong. And with oils like Digize, I like to apply that in a clockwise motion directly onto my stomach and abdomen. Panaway is applied directly to my specifically sore muscles, and a drop of Lavender, Frankincense, or Tea Tree oil will go directly onto a pimple that came up overnight. 

Check out Young Living's blog for recipes to try! Don't be afraid to layer on the oils too, just give each one a second to soak in. There are books on Amazon and a ton of blogs you can find with recipes and things too! And as always - comment on this post or email me with any questions too! 

You'll quickly discover your favorites to use! And that's what's great about Essential Rewards - you get free oils just for trying new ones! :) And when you spend 50PV points each month, you get back a % in PV points to store up and spend on new oils! That's how I've quickly built up my oils collection.


Ingesting them by dropping oils into a vegetable capsule or directly or using in your recipes, water, etc. It is not recommended to ingest more than about 10-12 drops of EO per day. Check with your doctor before ingesting any EOs.

Young Living's Vitality line is approved for ingestion. These oils have a "Generally Regarded As Safe or GRAS" status from the FDA, and can be consumed at reasonable doses. Each of these "GRAS"-labeled oils has a well-documented history of safe use and a long list of criteria that must be met as well. You can drop oils into a veggie capsule and take, use them in your recipes, or drop an oil like Lemon Vitality in your water bottle for refreshing support! I like to add them into my protein smoothies, fruit salads, homemade salad dressings, and more!


Again - there are thousands of uses for these oils, alone or combined together, so please do your own research as well but here are a few ideas on how and what to use the kit oils for.

Frankincense - Drop on your neck as a perfume, diffuse at bedtime for calming relaxation, inhale in cupped hands for a feeling of positivity, ingest Frankincense Vitality for immune support, apply to skin and face for moisturizing skin support

Lavender - Inhale for relaxation, add to Epsom salt for a relaxing bath, ingest Lavender Vitality for respiratory support, add a few drops to your shampoo for hair health support, rub on your stomach when you're nervous, add to some wool dryer balls to make your linens smell wonderful

Lemon Vitality - Use as a surface cleaner (recipes online), dilute and use Lemon Vitality to rinse produce, use it to remove sticky gooey substances off of things, apply it to feet before wearing high heels, diffuse for an uplifting sense, use on clothing stains

Peppermint Vitality - Cooling effect on the body, apply to neck when it's hot, can assist in mental alertness, diffuse when getting ready for school or work in the mornings, stimulating smell, diffuse during homework or when you need to focus, rub onto the abdomen for a settling sensation

Digize Vitality - Rub onto your stomach after a large meal, ingest Digize Vitality to support healthy digestion, inhale to feel energized, diffuse for a spicy earthy scent

Panaway - Use before and after physical activity, cools and energizes muscles, use with a carrier oil for a soothing massage, apply to tired feet at the end of a day, or to neck and shoulders to release tension, or to knees for a warming sensation

Raven - Do not use Raven on children under 6 years old - use the alternative, RC. Use in a roller along nasal passages and sinus, diffuse at night for respiratory support and a good night's sleep, rub on chest to support respiratory system and lungs, diffuse for a fresh scent during springtime, place a few drops in the shower before you hop in

Citrus Fresh Vitality - Use as a wonderful room spray (mix about 25 drops into a 16oz spray bottle with 1 tsp of Witch Hazel, fill the rest with water and enjoy!), add along or with another oil like Patchouli onto your wool dryer balls for a fresh scent to your clothes, add a drop to the cardboard of your toilet paper, or add a few drops to baking soda to sprinkle on your carpets - let it set for a while and then vacuum up to remove the smell, or even add a drop to your water, coffee, tea, or recipes

Thieves Vitality - Diffuse for a spicy scent, has amazing cleaning power, freshen musty carpets with the baking soda method mentioned above

Stress Away - Relaxing to use as a perfume, use as a linen spray, helps with nervous "butterflies", when you're going to be around groups of people and need a calming sensation, drop on your wool dryer balls to freshen the scent of your sheets or clothes, or diffuse while you're answering emails or paying bills

Peace & Calming - Diffuse while your family is winding down for the evening, or add a few drops to a cup or two of Epsom salt for a relaxing bath

Valor - Apply a drop or two on your wrists or neck before work, a speech, a big exam, or anything you feel a bit uneasy about, it smells light and sweet yet grounding and deep


What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards, or "ER" is Young Living's completely optional members-only exclusive automatic shipment program that delivers products to your doorstep every single month. It's a wonderful way to build your oils collection and maintain a consistent support of toxin-free living for you and your family.

Each YL Product has a corresponding dollar-for-dollar PV ("Purchase Volume") point value. Orders must reflect a 50 PV minimum each month to maintain ER account status.

  • Orders can be customized each month

  • Discounted shipping rates

  • Earn 10% back in PV points for the first 3 months, 20% back for the next 22 months, and 25% back after 25 months of consecutive ER ordering. Points are active for one year from their earned date and can be saved up until you're ready to place an order. PV points are spent via Quick Orders, not ER orders.

  • Exclusive Loyalty Gifts - receive FREE oils after 3, 6, 9, and 12 consecutive months on ER

  • Qualify to reveive PV Promotions each month based on what you spend - FREE oils and products at 100 PV, 190 PV, 300 PV, and up

    Exclusive income opportunities for those who qualify to receive commissions by spending a 100 PV monthly minimum

SIGN UP for Essential Rewards while you’re purchasing your kit, or at any other time thereafter by logging onto your Virtual Office or by calling 1-800-371-3515. 



  2. Fearless Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 Hours by Sara Harnisch (found on Amazon)