Stretch the Summer Vibes with these Diffuser Blends

I keep saying that it's hard to believe that summer's over... Every year seems to go by faster and faster! When I open my calendar and see that we only have four months left of this year, I'm like what?? And douse myself in Lavender because the thought of time moving by so quickly gives me the heebie-jeebies.

So in hopes of trying to hold onto time a just a little longer, I want it to feel like summer for a couple more weeks more. Here are a few inspiring blends I've been diffusing at home, in my office, and even in the car (yes there are car diffusers but make sure, if you get one (Amazon!), to get one that actually holds water because the other ones with just the little pieces of felt don't work as well at all). I've even made a few of these blends into a roller to keep those "good vibes only" thoughts flowing...

Before I get into the blends, I want to talk about a question I got this morning, and receive from my oilers pretty often, and that's, "how many drops of oil should I use in my diffuser?"

The answer is sort of silly but simple: however many you want to, really - your body will tell you. 

I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true. Some mornings I wake up craving citrus, and a lot of it. Other mornings a single drop of Lavender or Cypress is all I need. Listen to your body and give it what it wants. Through my nose, my brain will tell my body what to do, and whether or not to add more. Start with just a drop or two and see how your body reacts. If you find that you want more fragrance or are having a hard time sensing the oils in the air, add another drop. If you feel like it's a little much, don't dump your diffuser, take a little cup and scoop some out, saving it for later so you're not wasting the precious oils. Then add a little more water to the diffuser, or move the diffuser to a wider space so the scent spreads out a bit more, allowing it to be a little less intense. 

I personally wouldn't add more than 8 drops total of any oil or blend or to me you're wasting your oils. We all know that sometimes oils come out faster than others depending on their viscosity. Patchouli comes out suuuper slooowww where Valeriancomesoutfasterthanyoucaneventryandstopit! So don't be afraid to experiment, but don't waste your precious oils either. 

Keep a little notepad or Notes page in your phone saved with combinations of oils you've tried. That way, if you like the way it smells, you'll remember what you put in there in the first place and can diffuse the same blend again. I used to be bad at this but now I make sure to write down exactly what I do so I can repeat the combination and share it with you guys when it's a good one. :) 

NOTE: The amount of drops you use depends on the size of your room and power of your diffuser. Which diffuser do you have? Is the space you keep it too large? Maybe you need to compensate with another diffuser on the opposite side of the room. Homes with tall ceilings or open floor plans often need to balance their space with a couple diffusers, where homes with smaller rooms and average ceilings typically do well with just one diffuser per room. You guys know how much I like the Luscreal diffuser from Amazon (purchase link) because it's inexpensive, holds 450ml of water, and lasts a long time. It's not the highest quality but it's perfect for rooms like the kitchen, my office, and for moving around to difference spaces when you might want to diffuse for a short period of time. Our nicer diffusers like the Aria and Desert Mist stay stationary in our living room and bedroom.

The Aria is not shown on this chart but will diffuse nicely in a 430 sq. ft. room. Browse Young Livings diffusers here.


Alright, let's get into the diffuser blends! 

If you don't have some of these oils, I'd be happy to help you develop similar blends with the oils you have, just shoot me an email! Consider adding some of these to your next order though, you'll love them! For directions on how to place an order, click here and scroll down to the section that talks about how to re-order via a Quick Order or Essential Rewards.

These can be diffused all year, but they've definitely got a summer vibe to them. I've included the recipes, all of which are ones I'd use in the Desert Mist diffuser. The one I like from Amazon would probably double the recipe because it holds much more water. You just have to play around with the recipes according to your diffuser. You get the idea, this really isn't rocket science so don't let it intimidate you. :)

Sierra Mist

This blend is much healthier for you than the soda is, I'll tell you that much. :) Super invigorating, refreshing, sweet and familiar smelling, and an energizing pick-me-up any time of day, but especially in the morning.

2 drops of both Lime & Lemon


Mint Mojito

You're gonna want a cocktail while diffusing this blend... Play around with the accent oils (Grapefruit and Orange) but definitely use the Lime and Spearmint as a base. It's fresh, summery, juicy, and intoxicating with the Spearmint.

2 drops of Spearmint, 1 drop of Lime, Grapefruit, and Orange


Southern Iced Tea

This blend gives you a little earthy and spicy with a hint of Minty refreshing Lemon. (Did you guys catch my Instagram story for the behind-the-scenes makings of what's in that glass? lol..)

2 drops of Lime, Peppermint, and Thieves



These scents together give such a mellow vibe with a touch of uplift with the Grapefruit citrus. It's a good one for the afternoons when you're a little stressed from the work day but you still need to focus and get some work done. It's also a great roller blend wear on the beach while you're under the umbrella reading a good book or listening to some reggae. Such a nice good-vibes-only summer blend!

2 drops of Peace & Calming, Stress Away, and Grapefruit


Summer Vibes

This has been my go-to blend all summer long, and I plan on diffusing it well into September. (I'm not quite ready for fall blends just yet... waiting until the end of September at least!) This is so awakening, a little zesty with the hint of lime, and cleansing with a touch of Eucalyptus. This blend just puts a smile on my face!

2 drops of each Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata (or any Eucalyptus) and Lime


Chiminea Fire

This is my new favorite blend! I've been loving it the last few evenings while we wind down after work. It reminds me of sitting out back with our chiminea on the patio under the café lights with a whiskey & ginger cocktail (or two)... You guys have to try this one, it seriously smells like a campfire! It's a good blend to diffuse in September because it's got a touch of fall in there... :) As a note, Black Pepper Vitality is shown here, but of course you can use regularly labeled Black Pepper, as it's the exact same oil (as all Vitality and non-Vitality oils are. They're just labeled separately to comply with the FDA's standards of approval. Let me know if you have any questions about that!)

2 drops of each Orange, Black Pepper, Stress Away, Cedarwood, and Pine (Cypress, Black Spruce, or any coniferous oil)


Become inspired by these blends and try to make a few of your own! And again, don't let trying new blends intimidate you. Just go for it! And listen to your body. It'll tell you if it's a fan of what you've concocted pretty much immediately. But unlike candles, air fresheners, and other scented products, we can trust that diffusing these essential oils actually provides our home with health-supporting ingredients rather than harsh chemicals that affect us in a harmful way.

Hope you've had a good Labor Day weekend spending it with friends and family doing something you enjoy. We all work so hard so it's nice to take time and celebrate the strength, prosperity, and workforce contributions that have been made in this country. Here's to the hustle - for all of us who do it day-in and day-out to make a living for ourselves and our families. Thank you! Cheers to you - cheers to us!

Time for a cocktail and to fill the diffuser with one of these blends.. Though we use Labor Day as a marker for the end of summer... it's not quite over yet! :)