Why Essential Oils & Why Young Living?

How long have you been using eo's?

I've been using Essential Oils for about 5 years now. My husband and I are passionate about living as much of a toxin-free lifestyle as we can, and EO's have supported us tremendously in that way. EO's give us a way to cut the chemicals from our homes and replace them with naturally-derived and often homemade ingredients that are far from boring and smell absolutely incredible without the headaches, skin irritation, and internal physical havoc. We're much more familiar with what is actually in the household and skincare products we use and have confidence that these ingredients are supporting and even contributing to the health of our bodies rather than hindering it. We have always loved to diffuse EO's at night and throughout the day as well as apply them topically to our skin. We've fallen in love with our oils, have many favorites but also love trying new ones each month too. 

Tyler's Current Favorites: Lemon, Pine, Spearmint, Patchouli, & Cedarwood
Kirsten's Current Favorites: Juniper, Sage, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang, & Lime

Have you always used Young Living's Oils?

Before switching to Young Living, I primarily ordered my oils through Eden's Garden. I was happy with their oils, loved their branding, and always shared what I knew about them with my friends and family. I was a believer long ago. We'd apply a few drops of Eden's Garden's "Breathe Easier" blend to our dog's bed each night to keep her snoring at bay, use the Lavender on our skin and endless other oils on our feet and into our bedroom diffuser each night before bed for a good night's rest. I'd make blends for cleaning purposes, skin care, lotions, etc. and douse myself in them before yoga for a balanced and calming sense. 

What made you switch to YL?

My good friend Amanda had become a distributor and was hosting a class at her house. I had wanted to share some of the knowledge I'd picked up on over the years with my mom too, and thought the class would be a fun way for her to get somewhat of a "crash course". I also wanted to see what YL was all about because I'd seen friends post about it on my Facebook feed quite often. Little did I know that I was about to be schooled too, not just mom! I knew a decent amount about the powerful properties and uses of EO's, but what I was surprised to learn about was the high quality of standards that YL has, not just in their product, but in their company too. Everything Amanda taught us convinced me not only to buy a kit from YL (even though I'd already had most all of the same oils at home) but to continue sourcing my EO's from their company. I was so inspired to start fresh and dig even deeper into a lifestyle I was already so in love with and such a believer of.

Yea but aren't the other companies the same?

Based on my own personal research (prior to moving forward with YL - which I encourage you to do too), I don't believe they are. Now of course all of those companies will defend themselves against any claims stating that they aren't as good as another, and we have to remember that it's the nature of business in any industry - competition. The internet is harsh - shew! There are lots of articles that stat why NOT to go with YL, but I've found other research that disproves their claims. I had my doubts in the beginning and will still stumble across an article that I'll want to get to the bottom of, and every time I do - YL comes out on top. Now I am not putting any other company down or saying they aren't as wonderful as I believe YL's products to be. And if you find something I should know about in your own findings - please, do share! I don't have all the answers and am on this journey right alongside you. But up until this point, based on the knowledge I have today, Young Living's oils seem to be the most pure, undiluted, without additives or fillers, with the most thorough testing, with over 25 years of experience, among many other supportive reasons. Please - I urge you - do your own research to support your thoughts one way or another. I am not here to convince anyone. I'm convinced, but that doesn't mean you have to also be. You will find articles bashing YL and all other companies out there from mom bloggers to other oil distributers, but check your sources and try and get to the bottom of what you're looking for. After all, this is your health your decisions are concerning. YL works for me so YL is where I choose to invest. I choose to trust them, and while I think you should too, only you can decide for yourself before moving forward. (I do have samples if you'd like to try or compare first!)

What was your impression of YL once you received your kit?

Honestly, I was so excited! I loved Eden's Garden up until that point but something about YL just seemed special to me. Their branding is timeless, and feels fresh and clean. I noticed that the oils themselves had a slightly thicker consistency to them than my EG oils. Not all of them, all oils are different (example: Patchouli is a very thick oil) but my EG ones seemed to be more runny than YL. They'd come out more slowly, drop...... drop...... drop, compared to the way my old EG's oils would flow out quickly like, drip-drip-drip-drip. There seemed to be more substance to them. And comparing the scents of Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon (the YL oils I had that I also still had from EG), I know it sounds biased now but I'm telling you - I felt like there was just no comparison. The YL oils smelled much more fragrant, richer, and consisted of more depth to my senses. I am not negatively reviewing EG here, just giving an honest comparison. And I will say, I noticed much more of a difference in the glow of my skin with the Lavender from YL than I had with EG. And the diffuser was so pretty! It came with a candle-flicker setting and multiple single or changing colors, and added a fun feel to our living room once I set it up. I also loved the vastness of the 2018 catalog and was quickly inspired to try so many of their oils I'd never even heard of, especially the more I researched! And I used the Thieves cleaner right away. I'd made my own household cleaners but the smell of this one was spicy and fresh at the same time. Tyler (my neat-freak hubby) got home the day I used it and immediately said, "Ooo, what's that smell?? It smells awesome!" I honestly couldn't help but feel like I'd done a good thing for my family and It felt great.


MLM stands for "multi-line marketing". It means that Amanda makes money every time I place an order, and every time the people who have signed up under me place an order, and so on. Why? Because this is a product that requires quality education along with it's purchase. Sure, YL could give you a book about it and encourage you to just look online, but the world of EO's is intimidating and speaking for myself, I needed help when I started, especially when I purchased my kit. I quickly realized that even though what I was doing with my oils prior to joining YL was just fine, there was such a wider world and huge network of people to learn from that I hadn't even known about, much less scratched the surface of. I've learned so much more about each of my oils that I ever knew because I'm part of such an amazingly vast community now. And yes - I realize that all MLM companies say there's a "community" that comes along with the company, signup, etc. but ya know what? This is the first and probably only one I'll ever want to be a part of because it actually contributes to the betterment of my lifestyle - it's natural, organic, toxin-free, chemical-free, and supportive to the health of myself and my family. I can't think of any other so-called "pyramid scheme" that would make me feel so confident in it's product or mission. Plus, all of the distributors keep things going for them! This is a multi-billion dollar worldwide company. That's another reason why I went with them - because there's obviously something in the water. After over 25 years in business, they're still going strong, and have truly set the stage for much of the industry.

Now as a note, just because you buy a kit doesn't mean you have to be "in business". I just chose to take my kit purchase further. I wanted to share about things I'm passionate about like the health benefits toxin-free living, the ways we can improve our health through simple choices like this one, and more... So that's why I joined and why I love to talk about what I've learned with all of you who are interested in listening. Essential Oils are there answer to so many questions, at least for me and my husband. It takes work to develop this content, write these blogs, share this knowledge, and teach about these magical little bottles of God-created goodness. So a little extra to cover my monthly cost of EO's is nice, but I just want to convey that this is truly not about a "business" for me. It's about sharing health and wellness. It just happens to be something I'm a part of now that's set up in that way. I have another business to run, a family to cook for, chores to do, etc. but that's the thing about YL distributors - we do this not for the money, but because we care about you want to share about this lifestyle with you. Ask any rep and I guarantee they'll tell you the same thing. I have a day job, and I'm not quitting it - but it's worth it to me to take on something else so I can spread the word about just how amazing a EO-infused lifestyle really is. 


Well like I said, we now know what ingredients are actually in our household cleaning and self-care products because we make a lot of them now (which takes SO much less time than you think and is much more cost-effective than buying product after product). As distributors, we need to be careful what we say about the benefits of EO's for YL's legal purposes because EO companies are not allowed to make any claims of course. But if you search online for yourself under reputable websites containing information on the health properties of EO's, you'll find what we've found. I'll say that. And I apologize for continuously referring you to your own research, but you should anyway prior to such an investment. So while I am not able to give specific examples, I will say that my anxiety has been pretty much null and void since starting to consistently "oil", the clarity of my skin has improved, and our home has been removed of toxic products - just to name a few benefits we've noticed! I'm happy to answer any questions you have while you search so please don't hesitate!


For $160, you'll receive over $300 worth of products as well as a lifestyle 24% discount on anything else you'd order from Young Living. You also have the option of becoming a distributor, should you get so hooked as I and billions of others have. 

You'll receive the new Desert Mist style diffuser, 11 Essential Oils, samples of our detox drink Ningxia Red and all-purpose "Thieves" cleaner! Other little goodies will be tucked inside the box underneath the initial display of the first ten oils, so don't forget to dig deeper into the box once it arrives or you'll forget about the rest of your goodies!



All you need to do is click this link to order your starter kit, and I'll be in touch with resources you'll need to get you going and help you navigate through just what this is all about! And if you'd like, I'd be happy to come to your house and teach a class! That type of in-home format always helps jumpstart the comfort level and knowledge base. And if you're interested in the business side of things, let me know so we can get you set up prior to the class. Otherwise, I'll just come and educate you and your friends on the starter kit, uses for each oil, and more!