Those who journal do so to release thoughts, savor moments, tell stories, release emotions, etc. I've never really been a writer, though I've always been an expressive person. When I found photography (probably sometime during my middle school years), it became my primary form of life's documentation. Otherwise, I verbalize things to process/organize my thoughts, typically to my husband or my mom... they're such great listeners and graciously let me just vent away... But when I'm going through something, like really going through something - I find that that's when I really write. I write when I have no one else to talk to or when I want to just get it out but still keep it to myself. I write when there's nothing else to do because I just have to tell someone, even if that someone is only me.

Lately I've noticed that I was starting to feel the need for a space to express myself in a more open way. As a business owner, much of my online presence is with a professional approach. Though I try to remain very authentic and stay true to myself in the way I present my business, sometimes there are invisible lines that needn't be crossed as far as content sharing - things you might say are not relevant to my business goals or brand, not professional, confusing to my followers, or simply don't look cohesive on my Instagram feed. And I get it - I shouldn't necessarily jump from chatting and posting about wedding photography to all of the reasons why chia seeds are beneficial to our health, to a picture of my dog, to a snap of what I made for dinner the night before. And sharing in an Instagram story about how anxious I was feeling - are you kidding?! - talk about utter fear of my clients and friends would think less of me... I realized it was time for me to develop a separate outlet in which I could share tidbits of my passion for healthy living, nutrition, etc. and to also honestly and openly discuss things that so many of us go through like depression, anxiety, weight fluctuation, loneliness, happiness, love, relationships, dietary lifestyles, recipes, and so much more - to others out there who were interested in following along, who might even relate to things I experience in their own life. 

Now that I'm approaching 30, I've been going through a lot of self-reflection and basically anything of the like. Growing pains, if you will. So I guess that means that it's time to write. But what's different this time, is that I want to share what I'm writing and not just keep it all tucked away in my drawer. There's been so much that I've realized about myself, life, my patterns, my relationships, who I am, who I was, who I'm becoming... And I don't want to keep this ever-enduring growth journey to myself. I want to blog my journey not because I find it so fascinating that my potential readers would absolutely hang onto every word or because I've discovered some new recipe for the perfect life by any means, but because I believe we all have a story worth sharing, and feel as though we can all help each other in some way. So even if there's just one tiny little thing that I have found to be of immense help as a result of dealing with depression for example and that helps just one person out there... I know that I have done something good by what I'm doing here. 

And I also don't want to hide behind anything - I want to strive for much more grit and less perfection. There will be typo's. I am not a good writer - this will be my thoughts just spewing out through my quickly-typing fingers onto the pages of this blog, but whatever - it's me. And I am not perfect. I also believe that there is far from enough openness and honestly about who we really are when it comes to what we share with not just the internet world, but with our friends, our family, and whoever it is we've crossed paths with (for a reason!). So here I am... doing my best to give the realness of my life, difficulties I go through and my journey in trying to overcome and in turn, celebrate them for what they have taught me. I also want to celebrate the joy and happiness in my life with you too!

I am not a professional nutritionist, trained in anything of the sort so I would always want my readers to research things on their own and consult a doctor for certain conditions on their own. This is just going to be me sharing what I do and have done, learned and want to learn, experienced and want to experience... and a little this and that along the way to simply see what makes my mind, body, soul, and life feel more fulfilled and of course - healthy! Some of the main focal points of this blog for me will touch on things like anxiety and depression, the pressure and constant stresses of entrepreneurship, finding an over-all balance in my life, appreciating inner and outer beauty, being more real and honest with ourselves and those around us, and so much more. Many of us face these inevitable stepping stones often or even every-so-often, and if you're like me, you find yourself wanting to hide behind an online facade acting like every single day is simply magical, or maybe retreat from the outside world all together. Well I'm over all of that for myself. I'm ready and excited to open up to you like I never have before. I encourage you to write back, comment, share, email me, and keep this conversation interesting because we're all in this together. I hope we can be friends!