Happy New Year, 2019!

I love the start of a fresh new year! New financial spreadsheets, goals, outlooks, schedules, plans, and a total “reset” vibe on living my life. Sure they say “the time is now, why wait for New Year’s Day to start change?” which is something I believe in and agree with, but there’s something about that brand new dawn on that brand new date that’s so clean, new, exciting, and invigorating to me.

Tyler and I like to clean as we go along in life, but sometimes we’ve just gotta purge, stripping everything down to the bare essentials, minimum necessary, using and possessing only the things that feed and nourish our lifestyle, a healthy non-toxic outlook and feeling, and are life-giving to our souls.

Here are a few ways we’ve begun to detoxify our life in preparation for a super productive and healthy year ahead!

  1. CLOTHES/SHOES/ACCESSORIES - Go through all of your closets, even your coat closet, and get rid of anything you haven’t worn the season that’s just passed. Yes, even that cute pair of pants you keep in case you may be able to fit in next year. You can find yourself a new pair of “goal pants”, because every time you see them, you’re just reminded that you’re not where you want to be, instead of feeling satisfied with who you are right now in any piece of clothing you have. If you aren’t 100% comfortable in the article of clothing NOW, pass it on to someone who may be. You’ll be amazed at not just the amount of closet space you’ll have, but mental and emotional capacity for happiness and satisfaction too. Besides, someone else could use what you have, and let’s be real - we simply don’t need everything we own.

  2. KITCHEN CABINETS/PANTRY - This is important to do often too, but we all have that random can of enchilada sauce or crushed tomatoes that’s expired a couple years ago, don’t we? Go through your entire kitchen and get rid of any random cups, plates, and dishware you don’t use on a regular basis. Find a special space for those sentimental items, but only keep a couple sets of dishes max. You just don’t need them! Throw out anything plastic too, and replace it through the year with glassware, metal or paper straws, and mason jars or cute classes for drinking. You can find stainless steel or silicone cups and dishware for kiddos too so you’re not exposing them to harmful plastics. It’s amazing how much plastic is in our kitchen. Those old take-out containers and Tupperware you may have stock-piled - chuck it! Organize your pantry by category, even alphabetize if you want! If you don’t want to go that far, that’s OK (even though it’ll feel so good), at least just get rid of what you aren’t using for now!

  3. PERSONAL CARE/CLEANING PRODUCTS - This is a great time of year to ditch all of those products you may have that contain harsh chemicals and switch them for natural and plant-based products! Things like shampoo, toothpaste, dryer sheets (throw them away, they are one of the worst things in your house for your health!), cleaners, and soaps. Download the Environmental Working Group App to your phone which allows you to scan the products you have and rate them based on the amount of toxins and carcinogens they carry. You’ll be very surprised at what you’ll find!

  4. PHONE CLEANUP - Speaking of apps, delete any you’re not using and organize them on your home screen based on usage and category. I like to get my phone down to one screen only, with as little apps as possible. It helps my brain function better. Go through your contacts too and clean out numbers you don’t use, and complete any missing information.

  5. UNFOLLOW - This sounds rude but seriously just do it, you’ll feel so revitalized. Unfollow/mute/unfriend/hide whoever isn’t inspiring, life-giving, or nurturing to your soul. If you don’t want to start drama, don’t worry because they don’t have to know you did it these days, which is nice. I love for my social media to be filled with people and things I want to see every day. It’s called a “feed” for a reason - and if it’s not feeding your soul, get it away.

  6. FAMILY CALENDAR - Tyler and I started a visible family calendar in the kitchen very recently and are loving it so far. Even though we can tell each other what we’re doing and have our own separate schedules, it’s nice to have a main calendar to glance at for the entire month ahead with both of our obligations included. It helps to avoid a lot of those, “hey babe, when are we..” or “when did you say that thing was..?” conversations. It helps us to stay focused and somehow, less anxious about planning.

  7. RELATIONSHIP MAINTENANCE - This is one of the most things on this list, if not the most important. Is there someone in your life who is bringing you down whenever you come into contact with them? Have you offended someone and feel sorry? Is there some sort of clarification you need to have with someone you care about? Take care of it, no matter what is going on. You’re going to feel so much better, refreshed, detoxified, and at peace. It’s so important! We’ve had to make some personal relationship changes over this past year and it’s been very freeing for us. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you need guidance, seeking help from a certified therapist or pastor is always a good idea. Choose someone non-biased so you get a well-rounded opinion. Mend your relationships, or do what you need to do to step back from the ones you’ve maybe worked to try to make better or restore and simply can not. This is such a good thing for your soul!

  8. SWEAT - Detox your body! I’ve just recently started jogging and am loving it. It’s so good for our mind and overall health, hormone balance, and mental state! Sweating by exercising and also spending time in a sauna is such a good way to rid your body of stored up toxins you may have built up over the previous year. Help your body regenerate and revive itself!

  9. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS - We’re all different types of money managers. Are you someone who budgets? Are you a spender or a saver? Somewhere in the middle? Balance is everything. The most successful people I know have told me their secret, and that’s to live within your means. If you have credit card debt especially, work towards paying that OFF this year, even if it means picking up some side work or perhaps selling a few household items or having a yard sale. Credit card debt is crippling, and a poor example to your children on money management. Like my Nana always says, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” I’m sure that’s a quote from someone else originally, but she’s said it a million times. If you can’t take a “big” family vacation this year, take a few mini get-aways! Start budgeting your finances and take a look at your spending. Do you need to bring it down a bit or are you saving and living within what you have?

  10. PERSONAL REFLECTION - How are you? No, how are you really? What’s been on your heart lately? Are you where you want to be in your life? What could you work on changing or improving this upcoming year? How is your health? How are you mentally and spiritually? How are you spending your time? Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Satisfied with how you’re spending your free time? Are you overworked? Underappreciated? Are you joyful? Healthy? Growing? Progressing? What steps have brought you to that point? How can you strengthen yourself even further? Who can you inspire? Who can you help? What are you grateful for? Where do you see yourself during this time next year? Is that vision one that makes your heart smile? If so, you’re on the right track. If not, sounds to me like you’ve got some work to do this year…

It’s always good to do a little assessment of your lifestyle, health, relationships, home, etc. throughout the year but something about January 1st makes us feel even more inspired to do it, doesn’t it? What are some ways you like to start the new year? What do you have in mind for 2019?? I’d love to hear! :)