I'm Kirsten (pronounced "Keer-stin"), wife to my husband Tyler of eight years and dog mom to our little Bax boy. Photographer, artist, flavor enthusiast, plant lady, and yogi. We live in a little pink cottage in south-central Pennsylvania, and are major homebodies, wanting nothing but to be cozy and safe together within it's four walls. We definitely like to explore and do new things, but nothing beats time together at home.


I started S&F in hopes to keep myself accountable on my path to becoming healthier, more balanced, and in tune with myself. It's been incredibly rewarding and enriching to connect with so many women who are also along the same ride. We're all in this together and it feels so good to have the community and bond that we do. With that being said, I'd love to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to drop me a message and say hi. I'd love to hear about your story, where you are with your wellness journey, what your favorite foods are, and whatever you're willing to share… Click on the Contact link above to say hello!