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a natural & holistic approach to health & wellness

Focusing on finding balance, nourishing our bodies, and learning to love ourselves in every way, no matter what. All beautiful flowers must grow through dirt to figure it all out... 

Note: I am NOT a certified nutritionist, doctor, or anything of the like. This blog/website is simply to share information I've learned throughout my wellness journey. By browsing and absorbing information on this site, you understand that it is best to consult your trusted health provider or Naturopath practitioner before implementing anything you may read here into your diet or daily lifestyle, and that I am not liable for any results of the choices you may make regarding your health and wellness.

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Anxious to make some positive healthy lifestyle changes but not sure where to start? here are a few ideas:

1. Toss your plastic food storage containers and switch to glass. You can find stackable glass containers of all sizes at Target or of course Amazon.

2. Throw out your chemical-laced dryer sheets! Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing everything it is exposed to, directly into our bodies. switch to wool dryer balls! this will help soften your clothing as well as lessen the dry time of your load! you can even add a couple drops of essential oils to the balls to freshen the scent of your clothing. they can last for about 1,000 loads!

3. Start reading the labels on anything you buy. if you don't know what it is, do a bing search asking about the "harmful properties of...." whatever the ingredient is. chances are, you'll find a good handful of reasons why you wouldn't want to ingest or expose yourself or your family to it. if you don't understand what an ingredient is, why trust it?

Small steps lead to bigger ones, and then those steps becomes healthy habits! 



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