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SUNFLOWER & FIG / a natural & holistic approach to health & wellness

Focusing on finding balance, nourishing our bodies, and learning to love ourselves in every way, no matter what. All beautiful flowers must grow through dirt to figure it all out... 

Note: I am NOT a certified nutritionist, doctor, or anything of the like. This blog/website is simply to share information I've learned throughout my wellness journey. By browsing and absorbing information on this site, you understand that it is best to consult your trusted health provider or Naturopath practitioner before implementing anything you may read here into your diet or daily lifestyle, and that I am not liable for any results of the choices you may make regarding your health and wellness.

Detoxify your home and minimize your family's exposure to harmful chemicals, all while boosting immunity & supporting your health and wellness.


"The United States is likely the most toxic with an estimated 70,000 such chemicals in commercial use, many of which are untested on humans so we don't even know the effects." *

Young Living Essential Oils have added to my and my husband's life in such a positive way, and I'm so passionate about the benefits of these magical little bottles that I want to share everything I know with you...

Curious about how you can you get started??

An investment of $160 (+ tax & shipping) includes:

- Eleven 100% pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils including 5 single oils and 6 blends
- Desert Mist Diffuser
- Ningxia Red Detox Juice Sample
- Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner Sample
- Metal Rollerball topper for easy oil glide-on
- 24% lifetime discount on Young Living products
- 2018 Young Living product catalog
- FREE: A gifted subscription to Mother Earth Living magazine, my absolute favorite source for natural lifestyle inspiration

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: If you are uncomfortable paying the full amount up front, ask me about my interest-free monthly payment plans! You'd still get your starter kit right away, even if you opt to pay later.

*** By purchasing a kit, you are in NO way obligated to any part of the business side of YL, required to meet any monthly quotas, sales, purchases, or anything of the like. YL doesn't work that way. It's MLM-style of business is so that when you purchase your kit, you've got a community of supportive education and a wonderfully rich health and wellness-obsessed family of others who believe in the same things. This company has set the standard in the EO industry, surpasses others in the immaculate quality of their products, and have made such an impact on the world. You can be a part of this big happy family of oilers too! :) 

If you'd like to try a sample or have a consultation before signing up, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to connect with you.

* (quote source:

Essential Oils have completely taken over our household in many different ways. Oils support our systems in more ways than through Aromatherapy alone. If you're interested in learning more or anxious to begin using oils in your daily life, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to share some information with you! There's no way you'll receive the total benefits the oils have to offer to their fullest extent unless you make certain necessary changes in your daily lifestyle. But one step at a time is the best way to go, as these kinds of changes can be a little overwhelming. Each little step you make is one closer to living a healthier life of wellness and balance.


Interested in hosting an Essential Oils class for friends and family either in your home or through Instagram or Facebook? I'd love to come teach all about all of the WHY and HOW to incorporate EO's into daily life, and why Young Living's high standard of oil distillation combined with their 25+ years of experience and quality business tactics add up to make for the right investment for anyone looking to promote health, wellness, and toxin-free products into their everyday lifestyle. Email me if you're interested at!


not sure where to start? here are a few ideas:

1. Toss your plastic food storage containers and switch to glass. You can find stackable glass containers of all sizes at Target or of course Amazon.

2. Throw out your chemical-laced dryer sheets! Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing everything it is exposed to, directly into our bodies. switch to wool dryer balls! this will help soften your clothing as well as lessen the dry time of your load! you can even add a couple drops of essential oils to the balls to freshen the scent of your clothing. they can last for about 1,000 loads!

3. Start reading the labels on anything you buy. if you don't know what it is, do a bing search asking about the "harmful properties of...." whatever the ingredient is. chances are, you'll find a good handful of reasons why you wouldn't want to ingest or expose yourself or your family to it. if you don't understand what an ingredient is, why trust it?

small steps lead to bigger ones, and then those steps becomes healthy habits! 

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